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Support for Educational Reform in Algeria

In 2006 in cooperation with UNESCO H.E. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber, in keeping with his support for educational reform in the MENA region, funded a project across the Education Sector in Algeria. 

Algeria faces great challenges in educating its growing population, of which approximately 30% are under 15 years. In spite of the oil and gas produced in the country, on the last available data Algeria was placed at 46 out of 102 countries on the UN Human Poverty index. High unemployment rates, alongside a poorly educated and trained labour force meant that Education Reform was needed to review and strengthen the strategic planning framework of the education system, to improve the quality of teachers and introduce evaluation techniques across the sector.

The objectives of the project were threefold: to improve the quality of education by preparing a coordinated strategy for education reform involving the Ministry of Education, and foreign bilateral and international partners; the preparation of a strategic framework for teacher training and to produce new evaluation tools for learning.

The project was implemented for two years (2007 – 2009) with impressive results. It strengthened the operational capacity of the Education Reform Coordination Unit and equipped teams of newly trained teacher trainers, heads of schools and teachers in 50 Wilayas (provinces). More than 400 trainers were equipped with new skills.

In addition, new tools were produced for evaluating learning achievements: for example, reference guides, methodological guides, and a data base of useful information and learning tools, and these were distributed to heads of educational establishments, inspectors and teachers. The success of the project was such that it has served as a model for educational reform projects in other countries.