Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber meets King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Queen Elizabeth II of England

Since 1982 Sheikh Mohamed has been striving to build bridges between the Middle East and the West by highlighting cultural and conversational touchstones of global, socio-economic importance through his business and philanthropic endeavours.

1982.  Founded luxury development construction company in Saudi Arabia

1989.  Founded hotel & resorts business

1989.  First luxury residential community opened in Saudi Arabia

1989.  MBI Group corporate head office established in London

1990.  Opened second luxury development in Saudi Arabia

1991.  MBI Group office opened in France

1992.  MBI Group invests in food manufacturing company in Egypt & Saudi Arabia

1993.  Construction commenced of the largest rice mill, processing and storage facility outside the USA

1993.  MBI Group offices opened in Portugal

1995.  Opened third luxury development in Saudi Arabia

1999.  MBI Group awarded contract to operate and manage the Yanbu Commercial Port in Saudi Arabia

2000.  Founded the London Middle East Institute (founding Patron and Donor)

2002.  Founded the MBI Al Jaber Foundation

2002.  MBI Group acquires luxury  hotel in Vienna

2002.  Awarded Honorary Fellowship at the School of Oriental and African Studies

2003.  Entered into agreement with UNESCO to promote education reform in the Middle East

2004.  Awarded Doctorate of Letters from University of Westminster

2004.  MBI Group acquires two luxury hotels in Paris

2004.  Awarded Honorary Degree, Doctor of Science, from City University, London

2005.  Launched MBI Al Jaber Round Table – Critical Issues Facing the Middle East

2005.  Appointed UNESCO Special Envoy for Education, Tolerance and Cultures in the Middle East

2005.  Awarded UNESCO Medal on the occasion of the organisation’s 60th anniversary

2005.  Awarded a Gold Medal by the French Government for services to Tourism and Culture.

2006.  Acquired UK and European based hotel group

2007.  Awarded the Arab League Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation Gold Medal

2007.  Acquired UK based hotel group

2007.  Appointed as UN Spokesperson for Global Forums on Reinventing Government

2008.  Nominated as Trialog Institut “Person of the Year”

2008.  MBI Group awarded 10 year contract to operate Yanbu Commercial Port in Saudi Arabia

2008.  Acquired 4 hotel and leisure properties in Portugal

2008.  Appointed Chairman of Mediterranean Peace Forum

2009.  Opened The MBI Al Jaber Building, Corpus Christi College, Oxford

2010.  Awarded Honorary Fellowship at University College London

2012.  Opened The MBI Al Jaber Grand Hall, University of Westminster

2012.  Awarded ISESCO (Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Gold Medal

2014.  Opened the MBI Al Jaber Building at SOAS, housing the London Middle East Institute

2017.  Received Dialogue of Cultures Award