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ALECSO awards Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber its Gold Medal

H.E. Dr. Al Mounji Bousnina, General Manager of ALECSO, the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization, of UNESCO, awarded the organisation’s highest honour, the Gold Medal, to MBI Al Jaber. The award ceremony took place as part of the 100th edition celebration of Kitâb fî Jarîda.

The Gold Medal is a sign of appreciation and gratitude for the numerous efforts and tremendously effective support that MBI Al Jaber has provided towards the various UNESCO projects aiming at promoting and coordinating education, culture and scientific activities in the Arab World, including educational reform, the arabisation of internet domain names and Kitâb fî Jarîda.

Dr Bousnina praised ‘The Sheikh’s bold investment and effective sponsorship is a continuation of his belief in human investment and educational reform as prerequisites for a sustainable economic reform,’ and thanked MBI Al Jaber for his contribution towards ALECSO’s efforts in applying the broader aspects of education and supporting scientific research in the Arab world.

Present at the ceremony was a large audience of personalities from the worlds of education, culture and the media. There was a special exhibition in honour of Kitâb fî Jarîda’s 100th edition and several people given honours including Dr. Ahmad Sayyad, UNESCO’s deputy general manager for external relations and cooperation, and poet Shawki Abdel Amir who is in charge of the Kitâb fî Jarîda project.

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