MBI Al Jaber talks on Education, Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy in the 21st Century at UCL, London

Returning to speak at UCL after three and a half years, on October 22nd the Patron and Chairman of the MBI Al Jaber Foundation gave a talk on Education, Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy in the 21st Century. The event was part of the Foundation's ongoing relationship with UCL, and proved highly popular: requests for seat far outstripped the capacity of the lecture theatre.

Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber, in conversation with Professor Michael Worton, Vice-Provost of UCL, discussed a wide range of subjects, from philosophical, economic and personal perspectives. Topics included social responsibility as the motivation for philanthropy, the power of literature and the MBI sponsored Kitab fi Jarida programme, the general encouragment of the human philanthropic impulse, the paramount need for transparency rather than mere regulation of financial institutions in the present economic climate, and the MBI Al Jaber's view of the role of calculated risk-taking for young entrepreneurs in business. He made very clear the close connections between all of this and his own daily business life and personal outlook.

During the conversation, Professor Worton cited the recent report by the Centre for Social Cohesion ‘A degree of Influence’ praising MBI Al Jaber as an example of best practice, as his MBI Al Jaber Foundation donates to universities without conditions and not to promote any personal or business agendas. MBI Al Jaber commented further on this by emphasising that his motivation stems from a sense of responsibility towards elevating educational levels in the Arab world as a key issue towards development and peace, as well as bridging the gap with the rest of the world.

During the reception which followed, courtesy of UCL, MBI Al Jaber gave sufficient time for every single guest who approached him to discuss the subjects raised earlier and also other topics of interest. The lecture and reception were attended by MBI Alumni and staff, UCL students and staff, other UK universities students and staff, and representatives of diplomatic missions in London.



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