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Founding of the MHFF Dr. Michael Häupl Promotion Funds in Vienna

Founding of the MHFF Dr. Michael Häupl Promotion Funds in Vienna

Vienna is known to be a dynamic, cultural city with long-standing traditions and the center of education, culture, politics and economics in the country.

Viennese customs are reflected in the city’s well reputed catering trade and hotel industry, which have had a strong and positive impact on tourism.

Vienna is therefore the ideal place to learn the art of hospitality management, and the study of tourism in the city enjoys an excellent reputation recognised around the world.

On the 12th September, 2009, the mayor of Vienna, Dr. Michael Häupl along with Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber, Dr. Luciano Cirinà and MBA Hans Schmid, founded the MHFF Dr. Michael Häupl Promotion Funds for vocational promotion in tourism.

Their aim is to enable young, talented Viennese students who lack financial means, to graduate from well-reputed, Viennese, private universities and colleges that focus on tourism.

This fund will not only help young students to gain an excellent individual education, but the scheme will benefit the country by contributing towards strengthening and improving the competence of people working in this industry.

Find further information on michael-haeupl-foerderungsfonds.com.


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